Computershare required an eLearning programme for use by management level employees and above. Aimed at developing soft skills, the content needed to focus on the following areas:

  • Positive communication
  • Creating rapport
  • Building relationships
  • Taking control of the conversation
  • Preparing for meetings
  • Managing limiting beliefs
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Difficult conversations
  • The art of saying 'no'

The programme needed to meet the following criteria:




Easy to access and very flexible, so that it suits everyone, with no reliance on face-to-face training.

Accessible and ideally no more than 45 minutes of specific training content (pure learning).

Help endorse Computershare as a great place to work and promote a professional working environment.

Paul Szulc

Paul Szulc

Learning & Development Partner and project stakeholder

Paul reflects on his experience by answering the questions below.

What impact has the project had on end users?

The upskill has been received positively. The way in which the eLearning provides a soft skills repository and a just-in-time solution for a lot of our employees has had a great effect on the professionalism of key colleagues who interact with our clients.

Do you feel that the finished product met the initial brief?

It definitely did. When (the minimal times) feedback was provided this was dealt with in an extremely timely manner. David and the team took on board the initial brief incredibly well and understood all of our requirements without probing too deeply. This industry (mortgage servicing) is a complicated one, but at no point did we feel that Dynamic did not understand what we were setting out to achieve. The knowledge is superb and the quality of the product is first class.

What effect will this product have going forward?

A positive one. It will revitalise certain employees and raise a standard of best practice for new and existing members of staff. Culturally we couldn’t ask for any more.

Working in partnership with Dynamic

Paul goes on to explain what it was like to work with Dynamic for the first time and what you can expect.

How would you describe your experience of working with Dynamic and specific members of the team?

First rate. Polite, efficient and clear. Three things that are of real value. The ease of communication and flexibility was evident from the start. The team that we worked with, in conceptualising, filming and curating the material all shared the same approach and they are rated very highly by Computershare.

What do you like about working with Dynamic?

Definitely the communication element. David, particularly, really enthuses and this is evident in his work. Dynamic is a modern and cooperative supplier who take on board every detail with a clear vision in mind.

  • Jim Lawrence

    Account Manager

  • David Pryde

    Project Manager, Instructional Design and Scripting

  • Richard Whitlock

    Lead Creative Designer

  • Ben Brunsden

    Lead on Film and Photography

  • Gary Kenyon

    Lead Developer

“Dynamic is a contemporary, visionary supplier whose diligence is only comparable with their understanding of Learning and Development. Incredibly easy to work with. A real value for money service. FIVE STAR.”

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Paul Szulc, Learning & Development Partner

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