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Online. Offline. Anywhere.

The main requirement for this project was to deliver key documents and policies to the user, regardless of location or network connection strength.

When launching the application for the first time, the important documents are downloaded to the device. If a new file is added or a file is, at some point, updated, the file will be added or replaced.

Intuitive management of files.

Ordinarily, navigating through hundreds of files on a small phone screen would be a chore. Through clever design and a robust search feature, we eliminated this problem so that the user would continue to use the app time and time again.

We also built in a favouriting and a history system so that regularly viewed files would be easy to revisit on the go. To favourite an item, the user simply swipes across the item to save it to a prominent location on the main menu.

Since launching the app, feedback from users has been fantastic.