For the last 20 years, we have been creating outstanding, innovative, interactive learning applications for some of the world's biggest organisations. We have tackled subjects ranging from performance management to nuclear incident response training.

So, if you have a requirement or simply want to find out how we can work with you, get in touch and see what we can offer.


Combining our extensive experience and our continuous drive to innovate, we have created a beautiful and highly adaptable learning management system – the dynamicLMS.

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off-the-shelf elearning.

Instant access to a suite of high-quality learning on a wide range of topics, ranging from GDPR to health and safety, and even medicine! More courses are released each quarter, providing an amazing opportunity to have all of your elearning needs met in one convenient package.

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video and audio.

Using the latest skills, equipment and editing software, we have a dedicated creative video team that can meet your video production needs. From scripting, storyboarding and filming to animation, motion graphics and post production, we have the talent and experience to produce video that will engage and communicate with the learner.

With portable lighting, green screen equipment and the latest compositing tools, we can also provide special effects and 3D. Our experienced editors and motion graphics specialists will bring your videos and elearning to life.

graphic design.

It takes as little as half a second for a learner to decide whether they are interested in the content on their screen. Our dedicated creative design team can heighten the visual appeal of your elearning content and interactive elements.

User experience design (UX Design) is an integral part of our design approach, weaving together text, photography, infographics and interactive elements to ensure the best learning experience for the learner. Navigation, links, instructions and button placement all focus on usability, combined with a consistent design that complies with your brand guidelines.

3D design and simulation.

We can create high-quality 3D assets, in-house, to provide high-impact training. 3D simulations and environments allow learners to practice on virtual equipment or explore immersive, virtual worlds.

The addition of 3D has a number of advantages for the learner, allowing them to ‘learn by doing'. It has been most effectively utilised in safety training, in identifying hazards in a scene; in medical training, to show animations of the inside of the body, and in equipment simulations.

post-launch support and helpdesk.

We provide high-quality and responsive support in relation to the products and services we supply.

We also have a dedicated LMS helpdesk team and online ticketing system. This allows us to provide you with further advice and support, quickly and effectively.

consultancy and training.

We resource all of our projects using internal capability. Within our highly skilled team, we have the knowledge and expertise to help and advise on the most effective solution to your specific needs. This could range from consultancy relating to elearning, at a strategic level, through to training on specific authoring tools or the creation of a promotional video.

We have helped some of the world’s largest organisations implement powerful learning solutions and can share our experience with you.

niche requirements.

Our status as preferred supplier to many corporate organisations means that we get involved in a wide variety of programmes and have the capability to provide support. Examples include blended solutions, real-time system support materials, promotional videos, workbooks and marketing collateral.

You might have a requirement which is a little different to the norm. Maybe you haven’t tackled this type of requirement before or maybe you have an aspiration to do something different. Talk to us as we can help.

mobile applications.

Learning no longer needs to be confined to the desktop computer environment. We can build apps to run on a phone or tablet that can be used anywhere that the user desires.

These apps can run complete learning packages that are specifically designed for the user’s device. Additionally, we build apps that support the learning experience, for use before or after training.

If you want to know more about our process, you should check out the ‘Our Work’ section for some detailed case studies.

Alternatively, feel free to drop us a line and one of our wonderful team will help you in any way they can.