Anchor’s requirements.

Anchor wanted to create a showcase-quality induction module called Welcome to Anchor.

The resulting elearning needed to provide an interactive and engaging induction experience for all new starters. This would replace the existing induction module which was created in 2012. Technology, software and users’ proficiency has advanced so much since its original launch and Anchor wanted to ensure that the new version capitalised on this.

Anchor’s desire was to create a new induction programme that would make new starters feel connected and part of the company from day one.

New starters needed to know and feel connected to:

  • Anchor’s history and vision for the future.
  • The company values and behaviours.
  • How Anchor is run as a business.
  • What it is like to be a customer and work for Anchor.

The solution.

  • An immersive and engaging induction experience for all new starters that included a balanced mix of interactive content and media, including a word search, quizzes, videos, audio narration, buddy presenter and motion graphics.
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  • Customer and colleague Vox Pop videos that provided a true insight into the life of Anchor customers and colleagues, the company culture, values and behaviours.
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  • A fresh, new-looking induction programme, accessible on desktop and handheld devices.
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Nicola Moran

Nicola Moran

Team Leader, Anchor

“We wanted to ensure that the module provided colleagues with a great introduction to Anchor, who we are and what we do. It had to embed what the values and the behaviours mean to us. They underpin everything that we do so it was really important that they were covered both clearly and simply. New starters love the interaction the Welcome to Anchor elearning creates for them and the reality video messages from our colleagues and customers.”

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David Pryde

David Pryde, Project Manager, Dynamic

“The ‘real’ customer and colleague videos are the stand-out feature of this elearning. The brief was to make the videos feel personal, realistic and inspiring for new starters so that they would give them a true insight into what it is like to be an Anchor customer and colleague.

I love the final versions, particularly the customer videos which are truly inspiring, fun and moving for anyone that watches them.”

Feedback from new starters.

"I liked the cartoons and the music at the menu screen, it made it feel fun. I also liked the videos of customers and colleagues.”

"Really good. Loved the videos of customers and colleagues talking about what Anchor means to them."

"The interaction was good and I like how it talks you through it all."

"Dynamic are reliable, flexible to unforeseen constraints and deliver on the brief whilst offering new ideas."

Nicola Moran, Team Leader, Anchor.

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